CONCOURS: The cranes of Nantes are doing their carnival in April!

Do you like to draw? Putting color in your drawings? Children and teens, this is your moment of glory! 

At the time of the confinement and the carnival of Nantes cancelled (or postponed), you are invited to put our three historical monuments in festive clothes.

Choose your favourite crane (yellow crane, grey crane or black crane), draw and then disguise your crane from nantes in the colours of the carnival. Everything is allowed: confetti, a big head, a tank... Let your imagination run wild!

Send us your drawings and try to win a 100% The Yellow Crane prize.
Lot 1: Original Sweat The Yellow Crane,
Lot 2: The Yellow Crane Original T-shirt
Lot 3: The Yellow Crane Original T-shirt,
Lot 4 to 10: The Snowball of The Yellow Crane.

Terms of participation:

  • You're between the 3 and 14 years old.
  • Send your drawing either by messages on Facebook or by email to
  • With your drawing, provide your name and first name, age, email or phone number from a parent so that you can be contacted if you win (only the winners will be contacted).

    Important : Any drawing sent is likely to be disseminated on our social networks and on the website www.lagruejaune.comYou therefore grant us by participating in this competition the right to use your work :)