Who are we ?

Yellow Crane is a brand of nantes filed a tribute through various derivative products : snow globe, t-shirt, sweat-shirt, goodies,... to the titan crane which is now listed as a historical monument in the city of Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique.


The Company of Cranes is born of the encounter between Cédric Blondeel and Julien Charitour. On the occasion of its sixtieth anniversary in 2018, two in Nantes, france have thus wished to emphasize that which is now considered the "Eiffel Tower" local.
In 2016, Cedric had the idea of a snow globe with the yellow crane in. Julien, seduced by the project, offers to accompany him in the adventure. The first is a journalist for the daily nantes Presse Ocean. But not only that. It is also known for its photo books "From Nantes" on the city of the dukes. The second is specialized in the rehabilitation of emblematic buildings with the company Qualytim, of which he is co-leader.
While the project begins to take shape, the brand, The Yellow Crane® is a registered trademark. Just like The Black Crane® and The Grey Crane®.
With The company Cranes, in charge of the operation of these marks, the duo joined by a third partner, Sébastien Pouneau, now develops several products in the image of those who have become a strong symbol of the heritage, historic and industrial city of Nantes.

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