The Yellow Crane, "lift" of talent and know-how

The Yellow Crane® multiplies collaborations with companies in the territory by allying with companies such as House DV, Eric Chevalier VigneronThe Ced Rums or very recently Distilory. The ready-to-frame photos are printed in Saint-Aignan-de-Grand-Lieu by VALPG when Cédric Blondeel's art prints are made by the French laboratory. Picto. The creation and printing of the textile range is now concentrated in the Chapelle-sur-Erdre.

By registering as a "lift" of talent and know-how, La Grue Jaune intends to continue its approach with new collaborations to come. To name but a few, we will welcome and taste the yellow crane beer before the summer thanks to the talented Divatte breweryalso known comma la Trompe-Souris, or an original chocolate specially made for La Grue Jaune by chocolatier Vincent Guerlais.

We are also committed to offering you solutions to minimise your plastic consumption with glass bottle or the bamboo straw or the bag cabas Yellow Crane.

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